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Air Cat (エアキャット, Eakyatto) is one out of the 80 unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 6.


Air Cat can let the wearer (Leo or Emma) walk on air for a short distance.


Air Cat is an anthropomorphic cat representative of the inhabitant Cass Milligan. It has a cream pink complexion, along with a elegant outfit consisting of a dark fuchsia blouse with a white collar, light pink leggings, and hot pink shoes with white bows. Its sleeves go into large cream white forearms with dark fuchsia fingers and a light pink middle. It has large dark fuchsia ears with light and salmon pink insides and a tail. It has aquamarine curled hair and has a lighter aquamarine border separating the face from the ears.



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  • Air Cat has physical similarities with its stage's inhabitant, Cass Milligan. Including that they both have curly eyelashes and emerald green eyes, and have velvet pink that counteract emerald green around Its appearance.
  • Air Cat appears on Chapter 6's poster, along with Cass.
  • Air Cat's ability is similar to Air Unicorn's. Both can float on the air for an amount of time.