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Anjellica (ジェリードルフィン Jerī Dorufin?, "Jelly Dolphin") is a boss in Chapter 2 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Information

Anjellica lurks in the depths of the world born from Fiona’s heart embodying her warped emotions. She calls forth fierce currents and electric jellyfish to keep the player away.


Angellica can summon water pillars and attack the player with jelly balls.

Boss Fight

Anjellica begins the fight by sending in deadly negative spots towards the player's position. After that, she summons a hoard of jellyfish that move straight down or diagonally towards the player (the player can use Jellyjolt to parry one of them back). If she is hit, she summons a huge water pillar that the player can use as an advantage towards her if the player has Dynamic Dolphin or Jellyjolt. Her last attack involves summoning three beach balls that move straight down in a pair of three. The player has to jump on one of them to send it back to Anjellica. Once you have mastered her attacks she is gone for good. Beware of the platform moving like a conveyor belt because if you wait too long, the platform at the end will collapse.

The boss fight provides keys and costumes shards for Dyanmic Dolphin and Jellyjolt.

Trophy 1: Parry jellyfish with Jellyjolt

Trophy 2: Parry ball with Jellyjolt

Trophy 3: Swim into pillar and attack Anjellica with Dynamic Dolphin


She is composed of the following combination of costumes: Dynamic Dolphin and Jellyjolt. She is the corruption of Fiona's heart.

Anjellica is a plump, colorful combination of numerous sea creatures. She has lacy attachments and a skirt being from a jellyfish. There is a golden swirl pattern across her body. She has a fin just like a shark's/dolphin's. She has a blue bottom and fins with white from face going down to her body and under the fins.

Costume Concept

  • Dynamic Dolphin: The top half of Anjellica resembles the Dynamic Dolphin.
  • Jellyjolt: The bottom half of Anjellica resembles Jellyjolt.

Name in Other Languages

  • English Anjellica
  • Japanese ジェリードルフィン
  • German Anquallika
  • Spanish Medusabela
  • Portuguese Anjellica
  • French Médusabelle
  • Italian Medusilvia


  • She bears a resemblance to both Gulpo from NiGHTS into Dreams and Girania from NiGHTS Journey of Dreams. All being fish/aquatic creatures.
  • Her appearance represents Fiona Demetria's experience with dolphins before being knocked out by one.
  • Her idle animation seems to be that of (disco) dancing.
  • Her name is a pun on the name, "Angelica," and the word "jellyfish."
  • Anjellica's Spanish, French, and Italian name includes the word "medusa," either referencing the word "medusa," used in zoology for jellyfish, or the word "jellyfish," in its respective language.
  • The vocals in Anjellica's theme are singing "Chichovite Kone," a traditional Bulgarian chant.
    • The vocals themselves seem to be taken from a sample used in music by multiple artists, rather than an original recording.