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Attilio Caccini (アッティリオ・カッチーニ, Attirio Katchīni) is one of the 12 Inhabitants of Balan Wonderworld.


He is an amusement park entertainer who has a secret crush on the girl playing the princess in the parade. However, he struggles to confess his romantic feelings towards the princess.


Attilio is a man with fair skin, light green hair, blue eyes and orange eyeshadow. His clown outfit is striped white and magenta with dark magenta pants that become his shoes. He wears yellow gloves and his shoes bear yellow soles and puffballs.


Attilio is a funny man who loves being a clown at the amusement park. When he meets Cass Milligan playing Princess Merry in the parade, he falls in love with her. However, he becomes very nervous that she will reject his love feelings, causing him to be corrupted. In the end, Attilio calms down and gathers the strength and courage to confess his love feelings to Cass. She accepts him and he joins her on the float in the parade.


  • In the novel, his "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Pensive Pierrot", often shortened to simply "Pensive" by the other inhabitants.
  • In the novel, he seemed to be closest friends with Cass. This is due to the fact that Cass was the princess he struggled to confess his feelings to, only 10 years older.
  • In the novel, it is revealed that the amusement park that he works in is called Christmas Rose Park.
  • Judging by his first and last name, he might be Italian.


  • "I knew it. I had a hunch you were here, Clocktower Kid." - Attlio's first words in the novel.
  • "I remember. Who I was, the life I led... I worked at a theme park as a clown, making people laugh. They had a parade there, and she was the star. The princess. Her hair was silver, her song sweet. The guests loved her, and so did the rest of the staff. She was always so kind to us, always so supportive. I fell in love. But she was the star, and i was just a common clown. Sometimes her eyes would turn my way, but my face was always hidden behind the clown mask. And the only glimpses I got of her were through those tiny eyeholes. Still, i dreamed often of telling her how i felt. I never did. I started to hate myself for being such a coward. Then one day, after changing into my clown costume and heading into the park, I was astonished to discover a theatre in the middle of the central square. None of the other employees seemed to even notice it. They just walked right on by. The doors opened, and i felt this strange... pull. Like something was drawing me inside. One moment, i was in the parl. The next, i was in Wonderworld. Now i understand why my stage is an amusement park, and what is kissing from it. The march still plays, but the princess's parade... they aren't there. But maybe it's better this way. She'll never feel the same way about me. At least here, I won't have my heart shredded to confetti every time i see her..." - Attilio, recalling what brought him to Wonderworld.