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BALAN WONDERWORLD SHOWTIME SET (バランワンダーワールド ショータイムセット) is a limited bundle released on March 26, 2021. The bundle includes Balan Wonderworld, along with other items.


BALAN WONDERWORLD SHOWTIME SET is a physical bundle set. The set includes the Balan Wonderworld game available for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5/4, Xbox 1/Xbox, or Steam, depending on what console was selected while ordering.

The American/worldwide ("soft" bundle) release comes in a cardboard box, with all the items inside of it wrapped in protective bubble wrap. While the Japanese release comes with a golden box, and with more items included.


Items Included in all releases:

Items only included in Japanese release:



  • The Original Soundtrack and Pin are planned to be sold individually in the future.
  • The Theatre Program and Tote Bag are not planned to be sold individually in the future.
  • In the USA and in worldwide releases, it was released as a "soft" bundle, which was why it was sold in a normal box.
    • In Japan, it was released in a golden Balan-themed box.
  • Both bundles are exclusive to an online store.