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The Balan Wonderworld Demo is a now delisted digital-only demo version of Balan Wonderworld. In this version, you could only play a select number of Chapters, fight only one boss, Barktholomew, and had many differences from the final game.


You could only play the following Chapters/Acts:

  • Chapter 1 - Act 1
  • Chapter 1 - Act 2
  • Chapter 1 - Boss Act
  • Chapter 4 - Act 1
  • Chapter 6 - Act 1

Selecting Chapter 2 or 3 will give you a prompt where you can either go to the title screen, or go to the select platform's store.


You can only obtain the following costumes:

Chapter 1:

  • Tornado Wolf
  • Jumping Jack
  • Metal Bad Boy *(*Can be obtained though a glitch or by using Co-op Mode, using this Costume on the nearby Stage works in the Demo)
  • Elastiplant
  • Dainty Dragon
  • Pounding Pig

Chapter 4:

  • Soaring Sheep
  • Aero Acrobat
  • Laser Launcher
  • Box Fox
  • Happy Horn* (*Icon shown, Obtaining unconfirmed)

Chapter 6:

  • Gear Prince
  • Pumpkin Puncher
  • Pounding Duck* (*Can be obtained through Co-op Mode, using this Costume works in the Demo)
  • Chrono Bunny* (*Icon shows up in the closet, but there is no way to get Chrono Bunny in the Demo)
  • Air Cat* (*Icon shown, Obtaining unconfirmed)


General differences from the demo include:

  • Slower walk speed than in the full game.
  • Different angles of the Isle of Tims shown (during a beginning cutscene)
  • The Demo's title screen is of the Isle of Tims, instead of a theater.
  • No Act 3 costumes, minigame costumes, or Balan costume available.
  • Barktholomew does a static pose (T-Pose) at the end of his boss entrance cutscene.
  • Tims "die" on the Isle of Tims.
  • Different graphics than in the full game.
    • General graphic differences on textures.
    • General lighting improvements found in the full game.
    • A ripple-like affect greatly reduced in the full game.
    • The icons for the costumes are different than in the full game. (Full game improvements include: less blurry/more polished, better lighting, different head positions, slight 3-D model changes)
    • Adjustments on text size and formatting in the full game.
      • Emma's denim jacket became more detailed in the full game, though her icon(s) on the character selection screen still display the Demo model.
      • Leo doesn't seem to have buttons on his shirt in the full game, and his shorts became more smooth on the ends. His icon's on the character selection screen still display the Demo model
      • Noticeable polishing of the checkpoints, drops, and other objects seen throughout the full game.
      • Improvements on light shines, especially when obtaining Statues in the full game.

Chapter-Wise Differences

Chapter 1

Act 1:

  • Less Red Drops found in Chapter 1 - Act 1 than found in the full game. (Full game's amount is more balanced)
  • 2 Whirling Wolves seen next to the platform with Whirling Wolf's first Costume Crystal and Key do not appear in the full game.
  • Different NPC dancing Costumes throughout the Act; Metal Bad Boy only visible as an NPC in the full game.
  • When opening the gate with the hear tree in it, the camera is more zoomed into the inside than in the full game.

Act 2:

  • Decorative giant corn models appear less polished/incomplete.

Chapter 4

Act 1: TBA

Chapter 6

Act: TBA


The demo was released on January 28, 2021 and was unlisted on April 14, 2021, and April 16, 2021 for the Steam version. The demo version can not be downloaded, but if it was downloaded before being unlisted, it can still be played.

There has not been any word about an archived version of the game's Demo.


  • The demo version of Balan Wonderworld was delisted most likely due to the demo/full game's poor reception, or due to it not accurately representing the full game.
    • Though, no official statement was given for the reason why it was delisted.
    • The Demo was not advertised as a "time exclusive," making the reasoning behind the delisting even more vague.
  • Having save data from the demo gives you the (Demo) Launcher costume in the full game.
  • Because none of the selected Chapters (1, 4, 6) having no blue drops available, you can not make blue Tims, or feed them enough drops to get the blue medal, which would make it possible to breed them for the Balan Costume since red and pink drops can be found and can be feed to Tims in the Demo.
  • Obtaining Metal Bad Boy for the first time does not display the "obtaining costume" screen in the Demo.
  • You can not transfer data from the Demo to the full game.