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For information about the UI languages present via in-game text, see Languages Supported In Balan Wonderworld.

Balanese (バラニーズ, Baranīzu) is a fictional language found in Balan Wonderworld.


Balanese is a language that is spoken in Wonderworld. It is a universal language that is spoken by everyone while in Wonderworld, and replaces whatever language a person spoke before.

The written alphabet is a stylized variant of the English alphabet. There is no "X" in the alphabet.


  • Lucy Wong speaks a different language than any of the other inhabitants in the real world, while in Wonderworld, she was able to communicate with other people without translating due to Wonderworld's Balanese phenomena.
  • Balanese is actually reversed english, with some Japanese put in place.
    • An example of this can be heard in the opening cutscene. The subtitle states that Balan says "Welcome!" but if you listen closely, you can hear him say "Emoclew!" which is the word "welcome" but backwards.