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Barktholomew (ハウリングウルフ Hauringu Urufu?, "Howling Wolf") is the boss of Chapter 1 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Information

Barktholomew lurks in the depths of the worlds born from hearts and plagues Jose’s heart. Controlling a tornado, he attacks the player. If the player shows enough strength to withstand the storm, there is a chance that Barktholomew will be defeated and Jose’s heart will be freed.


Barktholomew can jump and attack the player with tornadoes.


He is composed of Tornado Wolf, Jumping Jack, Pounding Pig and Dainty Dragon, all used for corrupting Jose Gallard's heart.

Barktholomew looks a lot like the big bad wolf with some fire at the center of its body.

Boss Fight

  • Method 1: Strike him after he makes a landing. You can also do this as he drops, but Tornado Wolf must be selected to make a hit instead of taking it.
  • Method 2: Deflect a tornado at him with Tornado Wolf.
  • Method 3: Switch to Pounding Pig and slam a post as he does his rage attack.

Costume Concept

  • Tornado Wolf: Barktholomew's head, torso, and tail, while his attack to summon Tornados is similar to Tornado Wolf's ability to make the wearer spin violently when jumping, creating a miniature tornado around them.
  • Jumping Jack: Barktholomew's legs, while his flailing is similar to Jumping Jack's flutter jump.
  • Dainty Dragon: Barktholomew's core and horns, while he shoots Fire.
  • Pounding Pig: Barktholomew's ground pound attacks (after jumping towards the player and creating pillars to get to higher ground), while the golden accents around his waist are similar to Pounding Pig's belt.

Names in other Languages

  • English Barktholomew
  • Japanese
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish


Boss Info


  • Hit points: 3
  • Attacks: He starts of with attacking you with a ground pound (which are easy to dodge), after hitting him once with the costume you use, he will then ground pound the center causing pillars to rise from the ground before jumping onto the tallest, it's unknown of what attacks he uses but in rare footage, he is seen sending fire from the sky (you need to use Pounding Pig on the right pillar that isn't tall to hurt him), finally in his last phase he will summon tornadoes around him and use them to slow you down or hurt you (Keep in mind that they will approach you in a straight line), make sure to finish him off with one last hit, once that's done he's out of the arena.
  • Tip: it's fairly easy to defeat since Barktholomew is kind of slow.

Full Release

  • The fight will be the same, but hopefully we will expect a longer fight with more hit points, new attacks, and special tricks up his sleeve.
    • Note: In hard mode, Barktholomew is much more faster than his easy fight.


  • His tornado summoning attack represents Jose Gallard's loss of his corn fields.
  • Despite his appearance, he almost shares a resemblance with Cerberus from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (mostly because his barks and howls sound exactly like a dog) and Clawz from NiGHTS into Dreams.
  • Barktholomew's name is a pun on "bark", the sound a dog makes, and the name "Bartholomew".