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Bulldozer (ブルドーザー, Burudōzā) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 11.


"A beefy bulldog costume that can use it's strength to move special blocks around like a bulldozer and open up new paths." - Official Website Description

"Allows the wearer to stick to bulldozer blocks and use (L) to push them around." - In-Game Description

Bulldozer allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to move yellow-and-black bulldozer blocks to open up paths, use as a platform, or attack The Hydrac. It can only use its ability near bulldozer blocks, any other time you wear the costume, you can jump and attack enemies.

By mashing the action button, you can push the block more faster.


Bulldozer is a bulldog construction robot. Its construction armor is yellow, gray, and black. Its shoes have tank rollers on the bottom, and as bolts on the top and middle of its armor. Its fur is brown with a beige area around the mouth.


  • Bulldozer's name and appearance describe how its a combination of a bulldozer machine and a bulldog.
  • Bulldozer's description on the official website contains a typo. "It's" should be replaced with "its."
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