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Cass Milligan (キャス・ミリガン, Kyasu Mirigan) is one of the 12 Inhabitants of Balan Wonderworld. She plays the role of Princess Merry at Christmas Rose Park 10 years later.

Her representative Costume is Air Cat and her Nega Boss corruption is Purrla.


She struggles with the idea that she may have lead a cat to its death. Calling it to her from across the street at the very same moment there is a car crash in front of the clocktower. Being too scared to look in her guilt, Cass runs away from the scene, believing she killed the cat. Afterwards, she is seen in Chapter 9 as Princess Merry in a parade at Christmas Rose Park. As her chapter ends she learns that you can't turn back time. She finds out that the cat is still alive and she doesn't feel guilty anymore.


Cass is a 10-year old girl with fair skin, curly emerald green hair, emerald green eyes and curly eyelashes. She wears a fuchsia colored bow and dress with a white collar, a black ribbon, and two black stripes for pockets. Under her dress, she appears to be wearing a white long-sleeved shirt. She wears black leggings, grey socks, and black boots. She carries a brown purse with a green handbag inside. In Chapter 9, she is dressed as Princess Merry wearing a silver wig, a tiara and a yellow ballgown with white gloves.


While her personality in game is so far unclear, in the novel- "Balan Wonderworld ~ Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders ~"- she bears a distinct personality. Being the youngest of the inhabitants, she is childish and has a bit of a temper. When the word "cat" is mentioned, she is thrown into a panic until she can force herself to forget. She can be a bit rude at times, but at heart she is a kind girl who looks out for her friends. One rainy day, Cass meets a cute kitten and decides to adopt it. They spend happy times together over the next few weeks. One day after that, the kitten is about to get hit by a car. Cass runs away crying and thinking she killed the kitten. This causes her to be corrupted. After she is saved, she turns around to find that her kitten is alright and unharmed, having gone out of the car's way when she wasn't looking. Cass runs over to it and they hug each other.


  • In the novel, Cass is revealed to be Princess Merry, the princess who Attilio Caccini is struggling to confess his feelings to, but 10 years older. This may be hinted at in-game with the reusage of her 3D model as the princess in Attilio's cutscenes. Wanting to reconnect with Attlio after the events of Wonderworld, she found Christmas Rose Park, applied for voice lessons, and became part of the act. She soon becomes engaged with Attilio, becoming Cass Caccini.
  • She may be the youngest inhabitant being 10 years old.
  • In the novel, she has the strongest connection with Attilio, much like how Haoyu Chang and Fiona Demetria have a strong connection, as well as Sana Hudson and Eis Glover. This is due to the fact that Cass is Princess Merry, unbeknownst to both of them at the time.
  • In the novel, her "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Clocktower Kid".
  • When under the influence of negativity, she becomes Purrla.
  • In the novel, it is revealed that in college she studied a bit of the language that Lucy Wong speaks.
  • Her Princess Merry costume has been compared to Anastasia's dress from the 1997 Don Bluth Disney movie.


  • "You mean you don't know from looking at me? I'm Clocktower Kid." - Cass' first words in the novel.
  • "I keep telling you, you don't need matching names to get along with someone!" - Cass, shouting in response to Attlio's suggestion that inhabitants are more likely to be friends when their names are similar.
  • "Something bad is happening in Wonderworld, isn't it?" - Cass after learning more about the inhabitants visions.