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Chapter 4:

“The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind”

The story of a boy who yearns for the open sky.

Chapter 4 (風になりたい少年, Kazeninaritai shōnen) is the fourth Chapter in Balan Wonderworld. Its inhabitant is Haoyu Chang.


Chapter 4's theme revolves around the sky and the aspect of wind based on Haoyu Chang's desires to fly in the air. There are many floating land formations in the sky with bright green grass and light gray rocks. There are numerous contraptions, platforms, buildings, wooden planks, and windmills found in the Acts representing machinery and construction. There are large fans and balloons made for specific costumes (Soaring Sheep and Aero Acrobat respectively.) On the grass, pinwheel flowers can be spotted.

in Chapter 4's Act 1, 2, and 3, there is a large moving island in the shape of a whale called Cetacean Island of which Act 2's goal is located on.


Below are all the Acts of Chapter 4. The Boss Act links to Worville Wright:


There are six costumes found in Chapter 4:


Worville Wright is the Nega Boss corruption of Chang's heart.


The specific page for all music is here.

  • Windswept Plains (風の吹く大地) - Act 1-3 BGM.
  • The Boy Who Would Be One with the Wind (風になりたい少年) - Cutscene BGM.
  • Worville Wright (ライオットプレーン) - Boss theme.
  • Together - Dance sequence song.

Name in Other Languages

  • English: "The Boy Who Would be One with the Wind"
  • Japanese: 「風になりたい少年」- Kazeninaritai shōnen - ("The boy who wants to be the wind")
  • German: „Der Junge, der eines mit dem Wind sein will“ (The boy who wants to be one with the wind")
  • Spanish: «El chico que quiere ser uno con el viento» ("The boy who wants to be one with the wind")
  • Portuguese: "O garoto que queria ser o vento" ("The boy who wanted to be the wind")
  • French: «Le garçon qui voulait ne faire qu'un avec le vent» ("The boy who wanted to be one with the wind")
  • Italian: "Il ragazzo che vuole andare a braccetto con il vento" ("The boy who wants to go arm in arm with the wind")


  • The soundtrack refers to the location Chapter 4 takes place in as Windswept Plains (風の吹く大地 Kaze no Fuku Daichi?, "Land Where the Wind Blows").
  • In the novel, "Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~", it is revealed that the whale-like island in this stage is called "Cetacean Island". It was purposefully created to be always just out of reach, to fuel Haoyu's drive to explore the unknown.
  • Aero Acrobat appears alongside Haoyu Chang in the poster.

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