Balan Wonderworld Wiki

There are 12 known Chapters in Balan Wonderworld. Emma Cole and Leo Craig are required to visit each world and restore the lost balance within their hearts.

List of Chapters

Image Chapter Theme
World One Entrance.png Chapter 1 Farm/"Building Up" (Castle)
World Two Overview.png Chapter 2 Ocean/Temple
World 3.png Chapter 3 Magical Garden or Forest/School
World 4.png Chapter 4 Wind/Invention
World 5.png Chapter 5 Forest/Home
World 6.png Chapter 6 Classic Town/Time/Toys
World Seven.jpg Chapter 7 Chess
World 8.jpg Chapter 8 Ice/Love
World 9.jpg Chapter 9 Theme Park
World 10.png Chapter 10 Painting
World 11.jpg Chapter 11 City/Lava
World 12.png Chapter 12 Ruins