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Christmas Rose Park is an amusement park in the real world in Balan Wonderworld.


Not much is known about the park due to the fact that it is located outside of Wonderworld. We do know, however, that Attilio Caccini works as a clown entertainer at the park. Once she is an adult, so does Cass Milligan working as an entertainer in the role of Princess Merry.

In the novel, "Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~", we learn that Attilio's stage mirrors the park's appearance, so we can infer that the Wonderworld version of the park and the real park might be similar. In the novel, it is described as a park full of lights, illuminating the park in the dark. The air is buttery with the smell of fresh popcorn, and jaunty parade music can be heard in the distance. A ferris wheel is also mentioned- as well as roller coasters, a merry-go-round, teacups, and even a haunted house.

While the parade does not appear in Attilio's stage, it is an important event in the park, as it's the main event that Attilio and Princess Merry star in. In Attilio's intro cutscene in-game, we can see Princess Merry standing at the top of a castle-themed float, greeting people as the parade passes by. Attilio can be seen handing out balloons to guests, on the floor rather than on a float. Princess Merry's float bears great resemblance to the clocktower from her youth, perhaps as a nod to her origins.