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Costumes (コスチューム, Kosuchūmu) are an advertised core element of Balan Wonderworld. There are a total of eighty different costumes, each with an unique ability. If you include the Demo Launcher (Blue, X, Star, or Steam), the total count will be eighty one, or eighty four if including all the variants, whom are separated by game version.

While in 2-Player Mode (Local Co-op Mode), the 2nd player's costume is colored blue.

List of Costumes

Chapter ★ (Star)

BW 2D art Golf.png
BW 2D art Baseball.png
BW 2D art Soccer.png
BW 2D art Bowling.png
Balan 2d art.png

Chapter 1

BW 2D art Tornado Wolf.png
Tornado Wolf
BW art 2D Jumping Jack.png
Jumping Jack
BW art 2D Pounding Pig.png
Pounding Pig
BW art 2D Dainty Dragon.png
Dainty Dragon
BW art 2D Elastiplant.png
Metal Bad Boy
Super Skater

Chapter 2

Dynamic Dolphin 2D Transparent.png
Dynamic Dolphin
BW art 2D Jellyjolt.png
BW art 2D Telepotter.png
BW art 2D Double Jumper.png
Double Jumper
BW art 2D Bubble Blower.png
Bubble Blower
Leap Frog

Chapter 3

BW art 2D Dusk Butterfly.png
Dusk Butterfly
BW art 2D Sickle Slinger.png
Sickle Slinger
BW 2D art Web Wrangler.png
Web Wrangler
BW art 2D Lovely Lantern.png
Lovely Lantern
BW art 2D Itsy-bitsy Elf.png
Itsy-bitsy Elf
Bullet the Kid

Chapter 4

Aero Acrobat
BW 2D art Soaring Sheep.png
Soaring Sheep
BW art 2D Laser Launcher.png
Laser Launcher
BW 2D art Box Fox.png
Box Fox
BW 2D art Happy Horn.png
Happy Horn
Gear King

Chapter 5

Guardian Bird 2D Transparent.png
Guardian Bird
BW 2D art Lickshot Lizard.png
Lickshot Lizard
BW 2D art Lucky Egg.png
Lucky Egg
BW 2D art Sickle Slayer.png
Sickle Slayer
BW 2D art Hothead.png
Lucky Bird

Chapter 6

Air Cat.png
Air Cat
BW 2D art Gear Prince.png
Gear Prince
Pumpkin Puncher.png
Pumpkin Puncher
Pounding Duck 2D Transparent.png
Pounding Duck
2D Chrono Bunny.png
Chrono Bunny
Lethal Vacuum Blaster

Chapter 7

BW art 2D Quad Cannon.png
Quad Cannon
2D Floaty Flower.png
Floaty Flower
BW art 2D Speedy Cheetah.png
Speedy Cheetah
BW art 2D Tackling Bull.png
Tackling Bull
BW art 2D Paladin Puncher.png
Paladin Puncher
Triple Jumper

Chapter 8

BW art 2D Frost Fairy.png
Frost Fairy
BW art 2D Frost Giant.png
Frost Giant
BW art 2D Seal Skater.png
Seal Skater
BW art 2D Amadeus.png
BW art 2D Hardy Hammer.png
Hardy Hammer
Lethal Laser Launcher

Chapter 9

BW 2D art Happy Blaster.png
Happy Blaster
BW art 2D Rail Runner.png
Rail Runner
BW art 2D Slow Tortoise.png
Slow Tortoise
BW art 2D Iron Panda.png
Iron Panda
BW art 2D Pounding Robot.png
Pounding Robot
BW art 2D Merry Ghost.png
Merry Ghost
Moon Walker

Chapter 10

BW art 2D Inky Blaster.png
Inky Blaster
BW art 2D X-ray Ape.png
X-ray Ape
BW art 2D Sneaky Lizard.png
Sneaky Lizard
BW art 2D Air Unicorn.png
Air Unicorn
BW art 2D Double Trouble.png
Double Trouble
Dawn Butterfly

Chapter 11

BW art 2D Water Blaster.png
Water Blaster
BW 2D art Bulldozer.png
BW art 2D Key Mouse.png
Key Mouse
BW art 2D Ladderman.png
BW art 2D Flame Blaster.png
Flame Blaster
BW art 2D Iron Apollo.png
Iron Apollo
Airy Apollo

Chapter 12

BW art 2D Invisible Man.png
Invisible Man
BW art 2D Vacuum Blaster.png
Vacuum Blaster
BW art 2D Jolt Tiger.png
Jolt Tiger
BW art 2D Fixer-upper.png
BW art 2D Sun Walker.png
Sun Walker
Air Double Trouble

Demo Bonus Costumes

Note: The Launcher Costumes are located in the ★ (Star) Section.

Blue Launcher.png
Blue Launcher

(Playstation 4/Playstation 5 Edition)

Star Launcher.png
Star Launcher
(Nintendo Switch Edition)
X Launcher.png
X Launcher

(Xbox One/Xbox Series X Edition)

Steam Launcher.png
Steam Launcher
(Steam Edition)



  • Almost all costumes are finite. When hit, the costume will disappear and can not be used anymore. The only costume with infinite uses/lives are the Demo Launchers, as they reappear in the closet when you lose the Costume.
  • Costumes only have one ability, which uses up the action button. If a costume has an ability that uses the action button, you can not jump in that costume, unless the ability only works in specific places [e.g. Bulldozer].
  • When changing Costumes, it awards you an extreme amount of invincibility frames, allowing you to exploit enemy/boss battles by abusing I-frames to avoid getting attacked by them.
  • There are a total of 4 Trophies/Achievements related to collecting Costumes:
    • Dress Rehearsal - Wear a Costume for the first time.
    • Casual Costume Fan - Collect 20 Costumes.
    • Costume Collector - Collect 50 Costumes.
    • Full Wardrobe - Collect all 80 Costumes, not including the Demo Launchers.
  • All Costumes found in each Act 3 of a Chapter, the Demo Launchers, Metal Bad Boy, and the Balan costume do not have official 2D artwork, though some artworks have appeared through different official sources.
    • The 3D models for the Act 3 costume's creature counterparts can be found in the ending dance sequence, and appear on one of the pages of BALAN WONDERWORLD Theatre Program -a SHOWTIME SET exclusive-.
    • Metal Bad Boy can be seen in Chapter 1's dance sequence, and can be found as an NPC in Chapter 1 - Act 1.
    • As Balan Wonderworld's 2D artwork is generally used for promotional purposes, the reason for not releasing 2D artwork of all the Act 3 Costumes and Metal Bad Boy is most likely to keep them as a secret.
  • Some Costumes have similar abilities, but each have different traits.
    • An example being Pounding Pig, Pounding Duck, and Pounding Robot. Who each have a different flutter distance and pounding range, along with Pounding Robot being able to attack iron blocks and spiked enemies.
    • Another one being Air Cat and Air Unicorn. Both can float on the air for a set amount of time, though Air Unicorn has a longer distance.
    • Dynamic Dolphin and Jellyjolt can both swim in currents. Though Dynamic Dolphin can swim faster than Jellyjolt, and Jellyjolt can attack enemies with an electric barrier.
  • Enhanced variants of select Costumes can be found in the third phase of Lance's boss fight, this is indicated via a more detailed Costume menu, along with a white sparkle effect each Costume gives off.
  • Naoto Ohshima first decided around 120 Costumes during development, which the number then dropped to 80 Costumes.