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Cuckoo (クレイジーバード Kureijī Bādo?, "Crazy Bird") is a boss fight during Chapter 5 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to stop Emma Cole and Leo Craig.

Boss info

Cuckoo lurks in the depths of the world born from Sana’s heart, embodying Sana’s warped emotions from the nature being destroyed. She throws eggs and uses her long tongue to fling nest boxes.


Her first attack is to rain several eggs from above and create poison fields from them. Her second attack is to swing a birdhouse down onto the arena using the Lickshot Lizard aspect of herself to crush the player. Her rage attack is to send out a line of tornadoes [2 if on last hit] using the Guardian Bird aspect of herself.


Cuckoo is composed of Guardian Bird, Lickshot Lizard and Lucky Egg. She is the corruption of Sana's heart.

Cuckoo is a crazy bird with a colorful eggshell. Her main body is black and goes into green feathers on her face. When going into the red and green wings, the border is lined with gold. Her other feathers are red and green as well. Other areas contain elaborate gold lining as well. Nega patterns appear on her body and top feathers.

Boss Fight

Method 1: Track down Cuckoo after her poison egg attack and drag yourself up to her with Lickshot Lizard to stun her, then damage her as she sits on the arena.

Method 2: When it slams down a birdhouse, destroy it to stun her and attack.

Method 3: Deflect one of her tornadoes during her rage attack to stun her and attack.

Costume Concept

  • Guardian Bird: The bird like body of both top half and its feet of Cuckoo belonged to Guardian Bird.
  • Lickshot Lizard: Cuckoo's long tongue belonging to Lickshot Lizard.
  • Lucky Egg: The colorful eggshell that Cuckoo wears on the bottom belongs to Lucky Egg.



  • Cuckoo is considered a bird to represent Sana Hudson's love for both nature and birds, with it's demented personality being representative of her pain from the deforestation.
  • Cuckoo shares her name with a real life type of bird.
  • Her crazy mannerisms might be a nod to her name, "Cuckoo," figuratively.
  • When her eggshell is broken, it is revealed that there is a red/yellow swirl on her belly.