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Dainty Dragon is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 1.


Dainty Dragon allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to attack with fire breath. It can also be charged for a rapid-fire attack by holding down and releasing the action button. This can be used to destroy blocks and defeat Negati.


Dainty Dragon is a small bipedal teal green dragon. He mainly has teal green scales all around his body with yellow on his lower jaw and belly. His horns and nails are dark gray. The center of its body is hollow housing a blue flame inside.

When Emma or Leo are wearing the Dainty Dragon costume, the head of the dragon functions as a hood of sorts, while the rest of the costume looks the same as the species itself.


The costume version of Dainty Dragon is found in Chapter 1, Act 2. It's along the main path near the start of the act, with a Costume Key nearby, so there should be little difficulty in obtaining it.



  • When wearing the Dainty Dragon costume, the player his/herself isn't breathing fire, but instead the dragon's mouth on the top of the costume is.