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Dynamic Dolphin (ダイナミックドルフィン, Dainamikkudorufin) is one of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 2.


"Allows the wearer to travel through slidestreams, press (B) while in a slidestream to jump." - In-game description

Dynamic Dolphin allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to swim through currents (called slidestreams in-game) and can also jump while in one.

Dynamic Dolphin automatically swims when jumping into a slidestream.


Dynamic Dolphin is a dolphin-like humanoid representative of the inhabitant Fiona Demetria. It has a slim figure with mainly a cream white, blue, and baby blue complexion, along with yellow linings found on its legs and ends of its arms. There is also a floating blueish-white ring surrounding its neck.


Name in Other Languages

  • English: Dynamic Dolphin
  • Japanese: ダイナミックドルフィン - Dainamikkudorufin - (Dynamic Dolphin)
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  • This costume is the representative of Fiona Demetria. Including its slim figure, yellow eye shadow usage, tip of its head (resembling Fiona's hair,) how its body is stylized as a swimsuit, and how it is a dolphin, representing her love for them.
    • The ring might have been inspired on how dolphins can be trained to go through hoops for amusement.
  • Dynamic Dolphin is one of the costumes who Anjellica is the composition of. The other one being Jellyjolt.
  • Dynamic Dolphin and Moon Walker are the only two Costumes whose eyes are closed.