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Eis Glover is a fire fighter who's ironically afraid of fire.


Eis is a man with dark skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He wears a grey firefighter's uniform with yellow and white reflective material on the torso, arms, and legs. Underneath, he wears a red shirt. He also wears black work boots.


Eis is a brave fire fighter who puts out fire in buildings and saves people in trouble. When he is about to save a child in a house with a huge fire, he becomes terrified, causing him to be corrupted. In the end, he gains courage and goes inside the burning house to save the child. He also becomes a hero.


  • In the novel, his "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Sentinel of the City", or just simply "Sentinel".
  • In the novel, he seemed to be closest friends with Sana Hudson. This is due to their similar aims to protect the things they care about.


  • "S'up!" "I mean, I am this city's protector. I keep it safe from harm, just like you keep your forest." - Eis' first words in the novel.
  • "True. What's in a name? None of us even understand why we just know them like we do. Besides, everyone knows that you and Pensive are inseparable." - Eis, trying to make Cass feel better when he suggests that people with similar names are more likely to become friends.
  • "I loved being a firefighter. Every time there was a call, I'd be the first one changed and in the truck. I cracked jokes with everyone else on the ride over, saying things like, 'Not every day we get to be a hero—oh wait, we do!' And then everyone would laugh and we'd all bump fists. We didn't think there was a fire we couldn't put out. But then there was a fire at an abandoned factory across the street from some houses. There wasn't any saving the factory, but we weren't about to let the flames spread to those people's homes. One captain had us spread out in front of the factory with our hoses, standard procedure. We weren't worried. We knew we were gonna be heroes again today, just like every other day. We were wrong, though. Something inside the factory exploded, some chemicals or gas or something left from when it was still in operation. It turned the place into an inferno. The heat was strong enough to burn us even through our uniforms. Then I realized that everyone else had gotten a lot closer to the blaze. No—that's not right. They weren't closer. I hadn't realized it, but the force of the fire—and my own fear—caused me to stumble away, ignoring my orders. The captain came on the radio and told us to back off. I yelled, 'Get back!' to everyone else, but they stayed where they were. The flames kept coming toward them. I was terrified. I retreated backwards, angling my hose at the fire as I went. We managed to put it out before it got to any of the houses, but I couldn't look at any of the others in the face on the way back to the station. None of them had run away in fear like I had. Soon, as we were back, I changed and went straight home. The fire made the papers the next morning. There was a photo of my colleagues on the front page, under a headline calling them heroes. I was so glad it was my day off, so I didn't have to go into the station and face them, and have to explain why I'd retreated so far without any orders." - Eis, explaining his fall into despair to Leo.
  • "I'm not a hero. I never was. I've only ever been a coward. I told you, I'm nothing but a coward. Cowards can't face monsters." Eis, explaining to Leo why he could not fight Lance or protect Sana.