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Emma "Fighter" Cole (エマ・コール, Ema kōru) is one of the main protagonists of Balan Wonderworld, the other being Leo Craig. She makes an appearance in the novel, Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~, as well.


"A 15 year old girl who has a smile for everyone. She is worried that people are nice to her face but talk ill of her as soon as her back is turned." - Official Website Description

"The mysterious girl who appears to Streetbeat and the other residents of Wonderworld in their visions, upsetting the peaceful lives they'd all lived on their stages until now." - Official Novel Description

In the opening cutscene (If the player has chosen Emma), Emma worries that people are only nice to her when she is talking to them, but talks behind her back when she isn't looking or when she turns her head. In the ending cutscene, it is revealed that they had only planned her a surprise birthday party.

In the novel, we learn that Emma grew up in a rich family. This is evidenced by her opening cutscene in-game, where she is seen in a mansion with maids. She believed that people were only nice to her because of her status, and not because of her as a person, and it was because of this that they were nice to her face but spoke badly of her behind her back.

She lives in a mansion located in Highland Isle.




Emma's appearance can vary, but her attire consists of diamond earrings, short-sleeved blue denim jacket, a red and pink shirt, black yoga pants with green swirls on them, and red and purple sneakers with yellow laces. The version of her that is most advertised has fair skin, shoulder-length platinum blonde hair that is styled into pigtails, and green eyes.

The other variants of Emma that can be selected in-game include her having black hair and slightly tanner skin with black eyes, Red hair and tan skin with brown eyes, and dark brown hair and dark skin with dark brown eyes.



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