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Fiona (フィオーナ in Japanese, romanized as Fiōna) is one of the twelve Inhabitants from Balan Wonderworld. She is a diver who loves dolphins and she is the inhabitant of Chapter 2.


Fiona is a girl in love with everything under the sea. She loves dolphins the most as she thought of them as her friends. That is until one day, while diving with them, one knocks off her breathing gear. As a result, Fiona nearly drowns and spends some time in the hospital recovering. However, she suffers from intense feelings of betrayal and fear, thinking that the dolphin had attacked her. In this state, she is corrupted into the monstrous Anjellica.

Upon her defeat, Fiona gathers the courage to go out and visit the dolphins again and discovers her friend looking sorrowful and happy to see her. Realizing the incident was all an accident, she regains her passion and joy for diving and swimming with ocean animals and the dolphin.


Fiona is a young girl with medium tanned skin and a lean build. She has brown hair tied up in a ponytail by a blue and yellow hair band with wavy curtains framing her face. Fiona's eyes are brown and appears to have yellow eyeshadow. For diving in the ocean, Fiona wears a blue form fitting wetsuit with yellow lining, navy blue accents on her upper body, and a darker shade on either shoulders and below her hips. Her diving shoes match her outfit.


  • In the novel, "Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~", her "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Seagazer".
  • In the novel, she seemed to be closest friends with Haoyu Chang. This is due to their similar loves for exploring the unknown.
  • Her end cutscene plays out a little differently in the novel. In game, she is seen to forgive the dolphin that accidentally pushed her, and has no problems returning to the sea. However, in the novel, she states that she's "not quite ready to forgive yet," but is seen driving by boat to the ocean to see if one day she can return to diving. However, empowered by seeing Haoyu successfully fly over the Atilla Strait, Fiona musters up the courage to dive into the ocean.


  • "Why wouldn't I be?" - Fiona's first words in the novel, in response to Haoyu's concerns.
  • "All I do is sit here and stare at the sea. That's it. I've never even dipped a pinky toe in the water." - Fiona explaining her confusion as to why she sees a sea monster in her visions.