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Frost Fairy (フロストフェアリー, Furosutofearī) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 8.


Frost Fairy can let the wearer (Leo or Emma) walk on air by creating ice-crystal platforms on its feet, but the power is limited, allowing you 7 extra jumps. You get a small boost in height while jumping as well, with each step adding a bit of height.


Frost Fairy is a fairy-humanoid, representative of the inhabitant Iben Bia. It has a light blue complexion along with white fur on the ends of its sleeves, tuff, bottom half of its face, and also appears to hide its feet. It has two deer-like horns with two purple and blue crystals under it. It also has a wavy hair-like part on the back of its head. There is yellow lining where the edge of the eyes and cheeks meet, bordering the part of the face and blue complexion on the top.



Name in Other Languages

  • English: Frost Fairy
  • Japanese: フロストフェアリー - Furosutofearī - (Frost Fairy)
  • Korean 얼음 요정 - Eoreum Yojeong - (Ice Fairy)
  • German: Frostfee (Frost Fairy)
  • Spanish: Hada Helada (Frost Fairy)
  • Portuguese: Fada Fria (Cold Fairy)
  • French: Cerglagla (Unknown, Translation Needed!)
  • Italian: Freddofata (Cold Fairy)


  • Frost Fairy has physical similarities to its stage inhabitant, Iben. Including its blank expression, same eye color, and light blue appearing on both of them. Frost Fairy's being on its complexion, and Iben's being on her hair.
  • Frost Fairy appears on Chapter 8's poster, along with Iben.
  • If you repeatably tap the action button while jumping, you get an a longer length in distance traveled.
    • If you want to use Frost Fairy as one "jump," make circles while using the Costume. The height gained is more than an average jump.
  • Frost Fairy's ability is similar to Air Cat and Air Unicorn, but while jumping, you get a bit of height for each jump.
  • Frost Fairy may have been inspired by a number of mythical creatures, though an exact inspiration is unknown.