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Gear Prince (ギアプリンス) is a mechanical creature found in Chapter 6 and one of the 80 unique costumes found in Balan Wonderworld.


Gear Prince's ability allows Leo or Emma to utilize Gear blocks which cause specific platforms to move and turn in ways that can assist with certain puzzles. Gear blocks can be used by simply walking into the side of the block with the exposed gears (also signified by a gear symbol on the ground in front of it) which will cause Leo/Emma to glow. While in this state, moving either left or right will cause the affected platform(s) to mobilize correspondingly. Using any other key will detach the player from the block.


Gear Prince is a humanoid gear. It is a cartoonish humanoid with red eyes and a orange button nose. It has a yellow gear around the torso and the body was blue with the fingers orange.


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