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Guardian Bird (ガーディアンバード, Gādianbādo) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 5.


Guardian Bird allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to stir up wind when preforming a mid-jump to attack enemies and repel tornados.


Guardian Bird is an anthropomorphic parrot-like bird representative of the inhabitant Sana Hudson. It mainly has cream yellow feathers, with dark purple feathers on its head and tail feathers. There is dark purple on its hands and talons as well. Yellow, orange, and green also appear throughout its body. And it wears a colorful light green top. Its head and tail feathers are stylized like dreadlocks, with orange and yellow tips. It also has light green eyeshadow and an orange border separating the head and hair.


Name in Other Languages

  • English: Guardian Bird
  • Japanese: ガーディアンバード - Gādianbādo - (Guardian Bird)
  • German: Wachvogel (Sentry Bird)
  • Spanish: Pájaro protector (Protective Bird)
  • Portuguese: Ave Guardiã (Guardian Bird)
  • French: Plumouragan (Hurricane)
  • Italian: Brezzagallo (Rooster Breeze)
  • Polish:
  • Dutch: Waaivogel
  • Danish:
  • Czech:
  • Hungarian:
  • Indonesian:
  • Swedish:
  • Norwegian:


  • Guardian Bird has physical similarities to its stage inhabitant, Sana Hudson. Including its stylized hair, eye color, and similar top.
  • Guardian Bird appears on Chapter's 5 poster, along with Sana.