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Haoyu Chang (チャン・ハオユー, Chan haoyū) is one out of the 12 Inhabitants of Balan Wonderworld.


He is a boy who dreams of flying through the sky, and keeps trying to make a flying machine by modifying bicycles.


Haoyu is a boy of around high school age with fair skin, green hair, and brown eyes. He wears an orange sleeveless vest with a grey hood, a white long-sleeve shirt with a green stripe around the neck, green capris pants, and orange and white sneakers. He also wears brown and gold pilot goggles.


Haoyu dreams of flying through the sky. After he throws a paper airplane into the air, he runs into his workshop in his house and starts building multiple inventions that would enable him to fly. Unfortunately, all his attempts result in him crashing to the ground and leaving nothing but a pile of scrap metal. After so many failures, Haoyu screams in frustration. In this state, he is corrupted and turned into the monstrous Worville Wright.

Upon his defeat, Haoyu calms down, and regains inspiration from another paper airplane and he begins drawing on his desk. Several days later, he comes out of his garage riding a flying bicycle similar to his paper airplane. His invention falls off the runway at first but then it pulls up and flies gracefully through the sky. Haoyu is happy that he finally succeeded and his dream has come true.


In the game, it is shown that he is interested in being able to fly via aircraft and in the field of mechanics. It is also shown that he knows how to build or at least is learning. In the novel, he is shown to be a dreamer- often wistfully gazing up into the sky. He's a little playful, but he's mainly quite relaxed.

He appears to be athletic, especially when he is shown to walk faster than the other characters.


  • In the novel, his "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Skygazer".
  • In the novel, he seemed to be closest friends with Fiona Demetria. This is due to their similar loves for exploring the unknown.
  • Judging by his first and last name, he might be Chinese.
  • His costume counterpart/representative is Aero Acrobat.


  • "Don't tread on me, Clocktower Kid." - Haoyu's first words in the novel.
  • "What's it look like, Streetbeat? Living up to my name and gazing up at the sky." - Haoyu answering Leo's question.