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Hooverton (インビジフルフーバー Inbijifu Rufūbā?, "Invisible Hoover") is a boss of Balan Wonderworld in Chapter 12 created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Info

The dark form that Bruce’s warped feelings have created lurks in the depths of his inner world. He destroys the environment by sucking up platforms and blowing debris at the player.


Hooverton summons Bombs


Hooverton is composed of Invisible Man, Vacuum Blaster and Jolt Tiger combined to corrupt Bruce Stone. Hooverton has a Bandaged Neck and Tail

Boss Fight

  • Method 1: Use Vacuum Blaster to suck up a Dokadoka dropped on the arena and fire it into Hooverton's maw as he sucks up the blocks, then strike Lance's mark dropped onto the arena.
  • Method 2: Direct the projectile Hooverton shoots into the plug used to charge up his vacuum, then strike Lance's mark.
  • Method 3: Strike his arm as it slams onto the arena in it's rage attack. This requires Jolt Tiger or Jellyjolt to be brought in before the fight as his arms are electrified.

Costume Concept

  • Invisible Man: The bandages that wrapped around Hooverton's neck and tail. He can also make himself invisible similiar to Invisible Man's ability.
  • Jolt Tiger: The electricity that Hooverton produces. The symbols on Hooverton's plugs are the same symbol on Jolt Tiger's chest.
  • Vacuum Blaster: Hooverton's head is shaped like a Vacuum Blaster. He also has the ability to suck up everything including the stage and fire it towards you similar to Vacuum Blaster's ability.

Names in Other Languages



  • It represents Bruce Stone's job when he was cleaning the streets, but no one cared and kept making the mess worse.
  • Hooverton's name is a pun on the vacuum cleaner "Hoover".
  • By chapter-numeral order, Hooverton is the last Nega Boss that the player has to battle before facing Lance.