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Iben Bia is one of the 12 Inhabitants from Balan Wonderworld. She is the Inhabitant of Chapter 8.


Iben once led a perfect life, having two wonderful parents and even a fiancé. However, suddenly losing her parents overwhelms her with grief and fear of losing loved ones, and she becomes afraid to love. Can she ever love again?

After defeating The Grim Creeper, it is shown that Iben got out of her depressive state, and is shown to love her boyfriend again and even get married to him. In the game's credits, it is revealed she had children.


Iben is a young adult with fair skin, light blue hair and turquoise eyes. One of her bangs covers her right eye. She wears a lavender hoodie with a black shirt with red lining underneath. She also wears blue denim shorts and purple and blue sneakers with light blue laces.


Iben is kind and lovable towards her parents and fiancé. Iben has loving parents and a fiancé. During the Christmas holidays, her fiancé gives her an engagement ring. After that, Iben, her fiancé, and her parents celebrate with Christmas dinner. But one day, her parents die. After their funeral, she becomes overcome with grief and afraid to lose more loved ones, and shuts her fiancé out as a result. After a few days, Iben becomes corrupted into The Grim Creeper. In the end, Iben gains the strength to move on with her life without her parents and goes out with her fiancé again. After a while, they get married.


  • In the novel, "Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~", her "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "The Lady of the Midnight Sun".
  • In the novel, it is revealed that after the events of Wonderworld, Iben goes on to have two children which are a son and a newborn daughter. Her son then meets Bruce Stone, helping him pick up trash around the city. Attilio calms down her crying daughter by playing peek-a-boo.