Balan Wonderworld Wiki

There are twelve known Chapters in Balan Wonderworld, all of which are created by an Inhabitant. Each inhabitant has a mental struggle inside of them, which manifests into a Nega Boss that takes over the host.

More information about the inhabitants are revealed in the novel, Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders~. Chapters are called Stages in the novel as well.

List of Inhabitants

Image Name Chapter Codename
BW art 2D Jose Gallard.png Jose Gallard Chapter 1 Scarecrow
Fiona.png Fiona Demetria Chapter 2 Seagazer
Yuri.png Yuri Brand Chapter 3 Bugsy
Chan.png Haoyu Chang Chapter 4 Skygazer
Sana.png Sana Hudson Chapter 5 Watcher of the Woods
Cass.png Cass Milligan Chapter 6 Clocktower Kid
Cal.png Cal Suresh Chapter 7 Checkered King
Iben.png Iben Bia Chapter 8 Lady of the Midnight Sun
Attilio.png Attilio Caccini Chapter 9 Pensive Pierrot
Lucy.png Lucy Wong Chapter 10 Madam of the Mansion
Eis.png Eis Glover Chapter 11 Sentinel of the City
Bruce.png Bruce Stone Chapter 12 Invisible Custodian