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Inkabelle (ペインクラーケン Pein Kurāken?, "Pain Kraken") is a boss in Chapter 10 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Info

The dark form that Lucy’s feelings have created lurks in the depths of her inner world. She hides in a tubular space and attacks by throwing paint and serrated picture frames.


She can Throw Paint


Inkabelle is composed of the following combination of costumes: Inky Blaster, X-ray Ape, Sneaky Lizard, and Double Trouble. She is the corruption of Lucy's Heart.

Inkabelle is a colorful ink monster. She has a hat with a brush resembling a flower, a black dress with a golden lining, and two brushes for hands with pink and green paint also appearing on her dress and on her head resembling hair. Under her dress, there is a black ink mass with creatures poking out of it.

Boss Fight

Method 1: Strike a fallen paintcan to expose Lance's mark on her hat, then strike that. Reccomended to use Inky Blaster when at a fair enough distance.

Method 2: Switch to X-ray Ape and dodge the ink creatures to strike her hat.

Method 3: During her rage attack, dodge the spiked frames and strike her hat.

Costume Concept

  • Inky Blaster: Her hands and her head.
  • X-ray Ape: She has Invisiblity.
  • Sneaky Lizard: She has a body of it.
  • Double Trouble: She summons shadow ink creatures resembling Double Trouble.

Names in other Languages



  • Her blobby appearance represents Lucy Wong's struggle through an artistic slump.
  • Inkabelle's name is a pun on the word "Ink" which is something squids and octopi can reproduce, and the name "Isabelle".