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Inky Blaster (インキーブラスター, Inkīburasutā) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 10.


"Press (B) to shoot inky projectiles and add some colour to blank canvases." - Official in-game description

"An artist costume that looks like an octopus. Can fire ink projectiles and apply colours to nearby canvasses." - Official Website Description

Inky Blaster allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to shoot colorful ink blot projectiles at enemies. It can also be used to solve puzzles by shooting projectiles at paint canvases. Its attack is long-ranged, and can reach enemies from far away.

Inky Blaster can also swim through slidestreams, with the same speed as Jellyjolt.


Inky Blaster is a humanoid octopus representative of the inhabitant Lucy Wong. It has a white complexion and wears a large artist outfit consisting of a reddish-pink/tomato red dress, tuff, and beret. Its dress is long-sleeved and has tentacle-like endings with yellow spots, and its beret starts with a light pink color, then goes into regular reddish-pink, and then into dark reddish-pink. Its tuff is light pink and obscures a portion of its head/neck. It also has dark reddish-pink hair stylized as tentacles with yellow spots and legs that appear as curled up tentacles. White paint brushes replace its hands with yellow and reddish-pink ink and metal parts separating the sleeve from the "hand." It also wears reddish-pink makeup.


Name in Other Languages

  • English: Inky Blaster
  • Japanese: インキーブラスター - Inkīburasutā - (Inky Blaster)
  • Simplified Chinese: 墨弹章鱼 - Mò dàn zhāngyú - (Ink Bomb/Bullet Octopus)
  • Traditional Chinese: 墨彈章魚 - Mò dàn zhāngyú - (Ink Bomb/Bullet Octopus)
  • Korean: - - (TBA)
  • German: Tintenkleckser (Inkblot)
  • Spanish (Spain): Escupetintas (Ink Spitter)
  • Spanish (Mexico/Other Latin Countries): Lanzatinta (Ink Shooter)
  • Portuguese: Atintadora (Ink Shooter. Combination of "Tinta" (Ink) and "Atirador" (Shooter))
  • French: Poulpicasso (Deviation of the name "Pablo Picasso")
  • Italian: Calamaio (Inkwell)
  • Polish - Tuszostrzelec (Inkshooter)
  • Dutch - Inktknaller (Ink Stunner)
  • Danish - Blækmaler (Ink Painter)
  • Czech - Barvilka (Dryer)
  • Hungarian - Festékszóró (Sprayer).
  • Indonesian - Peledak Tinta (Explosive Ink)
  • Swedish - Plumsplumpen (TBA. Name might reference its "plump" figure)
  • Norwegian: Blekkaster (Ink Thrower)


  • Inky Blaster's French name "Poulpicasso," is a reference to the abstract Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.
  • Inky Blaster has physical similarities to its stage inhabitant, Lucy. Including its large figure, painting skills, dark reddish-pink hair, and makeup usage.
  • Inky Blaster appears on Chapter 10's poster, along with Lucy.
  • Inky Blaster's original name was "Cephalopainter," this was changed sometime during development.
    • The name "Cephalopainter," combines the two words "Cephalopod" and "Painter." Referencing that it is a cephalopod/octopus-like Costume.