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Jose Gallard is one of the twelve inhabitants from Balan Wonderworld. He is a man who runs a farm and he is the inhabitant of Chapter 1.


Jose is seen going about his hard work as a farmer, harvesting crops and tilling farm land day in and day out. Suddenly to Jose's horror, a massive tornado forms from a storm and destroys his entire farm land, leaving him in a state of hopeless despair.

Jose, in his most vulnerable state of mind, gets corrupted by Lance into the towering Barktholomew. Following his defeat, Jose returns to normal. The farmer, now having regained his composure, looks at the wreckage of his farm. However, Jose is joyfully surprised to find one of his corn plants still intact. His story ends with him standing proudly beside his plant, determined to rebuild what he had lost from the tornado.


Jose is a man with sun-tanned skin, blue eyes, brown hair, and a brown beard and mustache. He wears a cream colored sun hat, a red checkered shirt, and denim overalls with gold buttons. He wears matching brown work gloves and brown work boots.


Jose is a kind and quiet farmer, but he's also dedicated and hard-working. He built his farm from the ground up and always takes proper care of it. He is also very polite, offering refreshments to whoever visits.


  • According to the novel, "Balan Wonderworld ~Maestro of Mystery, Theatre of Wonders", he has an unnamed wife and son. He worked on the farm to build up enough money to send his son to college.
  • When the tornado strikes his farm, he is unable to sell his crops and earn money to send his son to college. While his son assures him that it's fine if he can't go, it is implied that this is the true reason for Jose's distress.
  • In the novel, his "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Scarecrow".
  • The costumed themed after him is Tornado Wolf.
  • In the novel- after the events of leaving Wonderworld, Jose meets Yuri Brand in real life. Yuri is heading up a mountain to collect a specific type of grass the caterpillars she looks after can only eat.


  • "Howdy, Clocktower Kid, Pensive Pierrot, and... Streetbeat, I reckon?" - Jose's first words in the novel.
  • "All the time? Golly, you kids sure have energy to spare. Me? I like to sit on this here rocking chair and look out at the fields. Spend my days all peaceful like." - Jose, describing what he does on his stage.