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"My Canvas was pitch-black long before I realized it."

Lucy Wong (ルーシー・ウォン) Is one out of the twelve Inhabitants found in Balan Wonderworld. She is the inhabitant of Chapter 10.


Lucy Wong is a famous artist who has been suffering from art block and has not yet found satisfaction in her creations.

Her Nega Boss corruption is Inkabelle, and her costume representative is Inky Blaster.


Lucy is a woman of a large figure with fair skin, long magenta hair and fuchsia eyes, and pink eyeshadow and lips. She wears a green dress underneath her white, yellow, pink, and blue apron with blue and pink buttons. She also wears green flats.


Lucy is an artist who loves to paint and people love her pictures. After a while, however, she starts suffering from an artistic slump from not finding satisfaction in her creations. This causes her to be corrupted. After she is saved, she goes back to painting and becomes very famous.


Lucy is a fast-talking, boisterous woman with a welcoming aura about her. She's very friendly, perhaps a bit too much so, referring to everyone as "darling" affectionately. She is very direct, and often likes to take matters into her own hands.

Name in Other Languages

  • English/Other Languages: Lucy Wong
  • Japanese: ルーシー・ウォン (Lucy Wong)



  • In the novel, her "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance"s control was "Madam of the Mansion".
  • In the novel, it is revealed that she speaks a different language compared to the language the other inhabitants speak. This is evidenced by an advertisement featuring her artwork that is stated to be written in a foreign language. Cass Milligan studied her language in college, and thus is able to (roughly) communicate with her afterwards. A flight is needed to reach her country. The reason they are able to understand each other in Wonderworld may be that they were speaking a Wonderworldian language without noticing- for example, Balanese.


  • "Darlings! Absolutely marvelous to have you on my stage!" - Lucy's first words in the novel.
  • "In that case, I shall come with you. I'd like to tell Checkered King of the fuzzy creatures myself." - Lucy, wanting to visit Cal on his stage.