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Merry Ghost (メリーゴースト, Merīgōsuto) is one out of eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 9.


Merry Ghost allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to float over poison, icy and lava floors without any effect. It also gives the wearer a more floaty jump.

Merry Ghost does not protect the player from lava waterfalls (as they count as fire instead of lava), and prevents the player from being able to push any blue button in-game and interact with flying Drop machines. Merry Ghost also can not attack enemies (by jumping on them) but you receive no damage if done. Though it can attack Tim Traps.


Merry Ghost is a ghost humanoid. Its main body is white and wears tattered gray clothing. Its clothing has blue and yellow stitches, and a different fabric color on the tip of its hood and bottom. Its sleeves and bottom are ragged. It has yellow and pink face markings and has three different colored buttons on its outfit. There are three bumps on its hair resembling hair.


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Name in Other Languages

  • English: Merry Ghost
  • Japanese: メリーゴースト - Merīgōsuto - (Merry Ghost)
  • Simplified Chinese: - - (TBA)
  • Traditional Chinese: - - (TBA)
  • Korean: 회전목마 유령 - Hoejeonmokma Yuryong - (Carousel Ghost)
  • German: Glückliches Gespenst (Happy Ghost)
  • Spanish: Flotasma (Floating Ghost - Combination of "Fantasma" (Ghost) and "Flotante" (Floating))
  • Portuguese: Almalegre (Unknown, Need Translation!)
  • French: Spectrallègre (Cheerful Ghost - Combination of "Spectral" (Spectral/Ghostly) and "Allègre" (Cheerful))
  • Italian: Fluttuasma (Floating Phantom - Combination of "Fluttuante" (Floating) and "Fantasma" (Phantom))
  • Polish: TBA
  • Dutch: Slimme Spookje


  • Merry Ghost's design may have been inspired by the Pokemon Mimikyu. It has a tipped hood and ragged bottom, just like Mimikyu's ear and bottom (of its fabric.)
  • Both Merry Ghost and Fixer-upper have a floaty jump and are immune to floor hazards.