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All twelve Nega Bosses

Nega Bosses are powerful Negati that reside in the center of Inhabitants' hearts.


As their name implies, they are the bosses of the various Chapters in-game. Each one of them (except for Lance) are corruptions of the Inhabitants hearts formed from a bad memory happening from the past. They are all composed of different Costumes from their respective Chapter (although very corrupted compared to what the Costumes were beforehand) to provide deadly attacks. Their composition also appears physically and often fits the theme of the Chapter.

In total, there are twelve Nega Bosses and one other boss (Lance.)

List of Nega Bosses

Image Name Chapter Components
BW 2D art Barktholomew.png Barktholomew Chapter 1 Tornado Wolf, Jumping Jack, Pounding Pig, Dainty Dragon
BW art 2D Anjellica.png Anjellica Chapter 2 Dynamic Dolphin, Jellyjolt
BW art 2D Wormsworth.png Wormsworth Chapter 3 Dusk Butterfly, Sickle Slinger, Web Wrangler
BW art 2D Worville Wright.png Worville Wright Chapter 4 Aero Acrobat, Soaring Sheep, Box Fox
BW art 2D Cuckoo.png Cuckoo Chapter 5 Guardian Bird, Lickshot Lizard, Lucky Egg
BW art 2D Purrla.png Purrla Chapter 6 Air Cat, Pumpkin Puncher, Pounding Duck, Chrono Bunny
BW 2D art Fortstopher IV.png Fortstopher IV Chapter 7 Quad Cannon, Paladin Puncher
BW 2D art The Grim Creeper.png The Grim Creeper Chapter 8 Frost Fairy, Frost Giant, Hardy Hammer
BW 2D art Princess Marey.png Princess Marey Chapter 9 Happy Blaster, Slow Tortoise, Iron Panda, Pounding Robot, Merry Ghost
BW 2D art Inkabelle.png Inkabelle Chapter 10 Inky Blaster, X-ray Ape, Sneaky Lizard, Double Trouble
BW 2D art The Hydrac.png The Hydrac Chapter 11 Water Blaster, Bulldozer, Ladderman, Flame Blaster
BW 2D art Hooverton.png Hooverton Chapter 12 Invisible Man, Vacuum Blaster, Jolt Tiger
Lance 2D art.png Lance N/A N/A


  • Each boss is defeated by being hit three times. (Including Lance in Phases 1 and 3.)
  • Whenever the bosses suffer their first or second hit, they will perform a specialized attack in their rage [not counting the second hit having come from countering the rage attack].
  • To restart a Chapters Act(s), you'll have to defeat the Chapter's boss. (Though another way to restart levels have yet to be found.)
  • You can obtain three Gold Balan Statues from each Boss Act by doing specific attacks with Costumes found in said Chapter.
  • The Nega Bosses Japanese names were named as such to make it more understandable for a Japanese audience, the same goes for English names as well.