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Negati are the main enemies in Balan Wonderworld. They are summoned by Lance and come in different shapes/forms.


Negati are manifestations of the worries and weaknesses (Darkness Time) born from the heart of the inhabitant of a world (Chapter.) They stand in the way of Leo and Emma as they journey through the 12 worlds born from hearts of inhabitants. They say that inside the depths of these worlds born from the inhabitant's heart, you'll find the inhabitant themselves, possessed by Negati.

Lance is shown to summon Negati, including Guragura, Bangbang, and all the mid-bosses.

A majority of Negati enemies and all of the mid-bosses can be red in Hard Mode, and blue in Easy Mode (more information here.) Mid-bosses have a chance to have a Lanced form during Hard Mode. The difficulty of the Nega Bosses also changes between Hard and Easy Mode, mostly affecting speed.

Negati can be found in every Act, except for all Boss Acts excluding Lance's.


Negati all take the form of a black being with patterns usually running along its body. Negati all wear masks, and can take the form of different things, including animals, plants, and serpents.


Every Negati enemy (and Mid-Boss) can be beat by simply jumping on it. If you do a bunch of jumps/attacks in a short amount of time, you can trigger a combo mode to obtain more Yellow Drops when the Negati are defeated. You can use almost any Costume to defeat Negati. Direct contact with Negati enemies don't harm you, but can knock you back. You can only get hurt if the Negati enemy attacks first, or if you come in contact with a Negati with spikes.

Beating a Negati enemy gives you two yellow drops, maximum combo mode beatings gives you two large yellow drops. Mid-bosses and Nega Bosses do not give out drops. Costumes best suited for combo mode are Aero Acrobat and Bullet the Kid.

Strategies for Negati Enemies, Mid-Bosses and Nega Bosses can be found on their respective pages.

Types of Negati

Note: The names of the Negati enemies listed were taken from the game's internal filenames, except for Ghostli.


  • Balibali - Wizard-like Negati enemies that move towards the player, while surrounded by electricity or fire.
  • Bangbang - Negati enemies that use their bulky arms to stomp and launch shock waves.
  • Bilibili - A stronger variant of Pukapuka.
  • Bishu - Cannon-like Negati that shot projectiles from afar and flee when the player gets close to them.
  • Botoboto - Bucket-like Negati enemy who can spawn lava or poison areas by jumping.
  • Chickn - Mushroom/screw-like Negati that appear in groups of three or less and hop towards the player.
  • Dokadoka - Artifact Pot-like Negati enemy who acts as an explosive.
  • Gabugabu - Shark/barracuda-like creatures that attack by moving underneath the player, coming up and then biting them.
  • Gachigachi - Triceratops-like creatures with a helm with spikes in front that ram into the player.
  • Guigui - Flying pelican-like Negati with big mouths that swoop into the player.
  • Guragura - Small, basic Negati with long arms that charge slowly at the the player, swinging its arms about.
  • Hiehie - An ice-elemental variant of Balibali.
  • Hirahira - Tuba-like Negati that launch projectiles into the air.
  • Hyururira - Tropical Plant-like Negati who shots out balls. A variant of Hirahira.
  • Kurukuru - Umbrella/ballerina-like Negati that spin towards the player at high speed.
  • Paripari - Disguised Negati that use large muffin-shaped coats as a cover, and have to be hit again while exposed to eliminate.
  • Pukapuka - Bluebell flower-like Negati that attack by charging at the player while spinning.
  • Pyonpyon - Clown-like Negati with round bodies that jump to where the player is and ground-pounds them, similar to any Costume that can pound.
  • Sutasuta - Kiwi bird-like Negati that charge towards the player while pecking.
  • Zudozudo - Explosive scorpion/lizard-like Negati with balls located on their tails that explode if the player gets too close to them.

"Special" Enemies:

Enemies that only appear in a specific circumstance, and do not have a red (hard mode) or blue (easy mode) variant. Often used as enemies that are needed to beat to obtain Statues.

  • Gawgaw - A dog-like Negati that eats drops and grows. Only appears in Chapter 6, and acts as a pseudo Mid-Boss.
  • Ghostli (Hyudoro) - A large, ghost-like Negati that appears randomly in Hard Mode.
  • Kosokoso - Squirrel-like Negati that will run away from the player. Required to beat to obtain Statues.
  • Small Spiked Negati (Internal File Name Not Found) - Spiked Negati that slowly charge at the player, which cannot be defeated by normal means.
  • Toge Guigui - Spiked variant of Guigui, defeating some gives you a statue.

Negate-guarding Negati (Mid-Bosses)

Officially called Negate-guarding Negati, they are mid-bosses found in the middle of a 2nd Act. Defeating them allows you to progress pass the Negate.

  • Endlessli - A totem-like Negati that launches projectiles at the player
  • Multipli - A large seahorse-like Negati that splits into doubles and charges using electricity.
  • Nessi - A dragon-like Negati that launches dark spheres or fireballs at the player.
  • Plenti (Wansaka) - A bulky humanoid-like Negati that shrouds itself in fire or electricity and summons other Negati.

Nega Bosses


See Nega Bosses.

Nega Bosses are the corruptions of the different inhabitants in-game. You must defeat all of them to fight Lance.

Other Negati

Wisp-like Negati

Wisp-like Negati can be seen in Lance's boss fight (Boss Act,) not to be confused with the masked projectile in the third round, they all have the masks of the four mid-bosses and a wispy body that can fly. They are seen to take Lance into a purple portal.

Masked Projectile Negati

A Negati-masked projectile can be hit to attack Lance during the third act of his boss fight. It has the same body as the wisp-like Negati.

Hooverton's Dokadokas

Dokadokas used as self-activating bombs can be seen in Hooverton's boss fight. They are larger than regular ones, and instantly explode when on the ground. They also have no legs.


  • Negati are similar to the Unversed from the Kingdom Hearts Franchise. Both being created from negative emotions and manifest as monsters.
  • Confirmed by all the mid-bosses english names, unused dialogue mentioning Negati named "Defensi" and "Cowardli," and Ghostli, English Negati names contain either a "Li-" or "I-" suffix at the end of their names. Though, the rest of the Negati enemies do not have official shown english names.
    • English Nega Bosses names are exempt from this naming system, and are named to be easy for an English audience to understand.
    • "Cowardli" may have been Kosokoso, while "Defensi" might have been Gachigachi.
  • Negati enemies are left unnamed, in both the novel and game, though their names can be found in the internal files.
    • The internal file names, and Japanese names for all the Negati mid-bosses and enemies are based off of Japanese onomatopoeia/phrases relating to the specific Negati. (Eg. Kurukuru,「くるくる」)
    • The Japanese/internal files names of the Negati enemies are also uttered by some Negati while being fought. (eg. "Gachigachi!" while fighting a Gachigachi)
  • Negati make various noises, including squeaky and monstrous noises depending on what they are:
    • Nega Bosses make unique, monstrous noises.
    • Mid-Bosses make squeaky noises. Their names being uttered can not be heard.
    • Enemies make squeaky noises, and some make a noise resembling their name.