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Pounding Pig (パウンディングピグ, Paundingupigu) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 1.


"Press (B) while jumping to preform a ground pound, which can hammer down posts and break brittle blocks." - In-Game Description

Pounding Pig allows the wearer to perform a ground pound while jumping using the action button midair. It also can flutter for a little bit while in air.


Pounding Pig is a round, bipedal pig. It is mainly cream colored, with a deep teal on the tips of its hands/hooves, top of head, and a stripe around its torso. It has a slight under-bite, revealing two small tusks, and it wears pink "pants" along with a belt with a pig's noise on it. It's shorter than most other characters, and when Emma or Leo wears the Pounding Pig costume, they seem to shrink in size as well.


The Pounding Pig Costume is found in Chapter 1 - Act 2. It's along the main pathway of the Act, with a Key nearby, so there should be little difficulty in finding it.

The Costume is also found in Barktholomew's boss fight (Chapter 1 - Boss Act.) As one of the provided Costumes.


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  • When you ground pound, it makes a squeaky noise, similar to a cartoon's depiction of a pig squeal.
  • Pounding Pig is a variation of Pounding Robot and Pounding Duck. Each variation has different attributes:
    • Pounding Pig has the shortest pounding range, but the longest flutter
    • Pounding Duck has the largest pounding range, but a medium flutter.
    • Pounding Robot has a medium pounding range, but the shortest flutter. It can also attack spiked Negati and iron/ice blocks.