Pounding Robot

BW art 2D Pounding Robot.png

Pounding Robot (パウンディングロボット, Paundingurobotto) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 9.


Pounding Robot can let the wearer (Leo or Emma) perform a ground pound while jumping using the action button midair. It can slightly flutter on air. The ground pound can attack spiked Negati enemies, and can destroy iron/ice blocks.


Pounding Robot is a humanoid robot. It wears pants with a red and white striped pattern and white gloves. Near its shoes are golden bands. These also appear next to the gloves.


  • Pounding Robot is a variation of Pounding Pig and Pounding Duck. Each variation has different attributes:
    • Pounding Pig has the shortest pounding range, but the longest flutter
    • Pounding Duck has the largest pounding range, but a medium flutter.
    • Pounding Robot has a medium pounding range, but the shortest flutter. It can also attack spiked Negati and iron/ice blocks.
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