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Purrla (ファットキャット Fatto Kyatto?, "Fat Cat") is a boss in Chapter 6 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Information

Purrla lurks in the depths of the world born from Cass’s heart, embodying Cass’s warped emotions. Purrla can attack with a rocket punch, as well as control time with the clock on her stomach.


Her first attack is to airwalk between lightposts using the Air Cat aspect of herself while slamming the arena using the Pounding Goose aspect to generate shadow shockwaves. Her second attack is to launch her fists using the Pumpkin Puncher aspect of herself. [4 fists on last hit] Her rage attack is to raise some platforms and invoke timeslow with the Chrono Bunny aspect of herself.

Boss Fight

Method 1: Punch the traffic lights she stands on with Pumpkin Puncher and then strike her clock.

Method 2: Punch one of the flying fists and then her clock.

Method 3: Switch to Chrono Bunny to negate the timeslow from her rage attack, then jump on the blocks to strike her clock.


Purrla is composed of the following combination of costumes: Air Cat, Pumpkin Puncher, Pounding Duck, and Chrono Bunny. She is the corruption of Cass's heart.

Purrla is a round, happy-go-lucky purple cat with a big clock located on her body. Her clock and the golden lined decorations are colorful among with colored triangles. Her hands are detached from her body. And she had black bows on her feet.

Costume Concept

  • Air Cat: Her feline appearance, fitting the theme of the chapter. As well as the bows on her feet.
  • Chrono Bunny: The clock on her belly.
  • Pounding Duck: The diamond shapes on her body.
  • Pumpkin Puncher: Her detached hands.

Name in Other Languages




  • Her appearance, involving cat-like features, represents the (assumed in panic) loss of Cass Milligan's kitten.
  • Her name is based on purring, a common cat noise, and the name Perla.
  • Her round appearance, purple color, and detached hands may have been inspired by Donbalon from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.
    • Her feline appearance may have been inspired by Clawz from NiGHTS into Dreams.