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Rail Runner (レールランナー, Rēruran'nā) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 9.


Rail Runner allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to summon rails in select areas, and to run along them. While on the rails, you can jump to the side by holding to the joystick to the desired direction and hitting the action button, and can jump upwards by simply hitting the action button.


Rail Runner is an orange animal/plush-like humanoid wearing a conductor outfit. Its outfit is mainly blue, and has yellow rimming along numerous borders. It wears a hat, coat, shoe/pant combo, and also wears a train as part of its outfit. Its face is separated from its head with a yellow border, and is white, with black surrounding the eyes, a zipper going down to its big, smiling mouth, and has red blush marks at the ends of the mouth. The train it wears resembles classic trains, and is dark gray, with yellow and red wood, and green wheels.


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