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Sneaky Lizard (スニーキーリザード, Sunīkīrizādo) is one out of eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 10.


Hold (B) to enter targeting mode. Set your sights on a large drop and release (B) to teleport over to the target.” - In-Game Description

"A costume of an elusive lizard that can disappear like a ninja. Aim at a [large] drop and push the action button to leap to it immediately." - Official Website Description

Sneaky Lizard allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to teleport to other areas by targeting large Drops, and teleporting to the location of the Drop.

Sneaky Lizard's ability can only be used to teleport to large Drops (the ones that give 10 Drops when obtained.)


Sneaky Lizard is a light purple lizard humanoid. It wears a purple and yellow stealth outfit including a hood, short shirt, gloves, and shoes. It has white coloring on the bottom of its mouth and on its belly.



Name in Other Languages

  • English: Sneaky Lizard
  • Japanese: スニーキーリザード (Sneaky Lizard)
  • German: Raffiniertes Reptil (Refined Reptile)
  • Spanish: Reptil Sutil (Subtle Reptile)
  • Portuguese: Lagartino (Lizard)
  • French: Volatilézard (Volatile Lizard)
  • Italian: Teletrasauro (Telepo(rt)saurus) (Combination of the Italian word, "teletrasporto," and the ending, "sauro")


  • Sneaky Lizard's Italian name refers to it as a dinosaur, hence the translated ending "saurus."
    • Other translations call it proper words, such as "refined," and "subtle."