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Soaring Sheep (ソアリンシープ) Is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 4.


Soaring Sheep can let the wearer (Leo or Emma) glide slowly midair while holding the action button. When on a fan, it can fly up.


Soaring Sheep is an anthropomorphic sheep. Its skin is purple while its wool is white. Its wool appears on the top of its head (acting as hair), on the neck, on its chest, on the bottom (acting as a skirt), and on its legs and wrists. Its horns and hooves are brown. When using its ability, it puffs up into a ball, covering almost everything except for its head.


Name in Other Languages

  • English: Soaring Sheep
  • Japanese: ソアリンシープ - Soarinshīpu - (Soaring Sheep)
  • German: Wolkenschaf (Cloud Sheep)
  • Spanish: Carnero ligero (Light(weight) Ram)
  • Portuguese: Ovelhaérea (Area Sheep)
  • French: Flot'mouton (Float(ing) Sheep)
  • Italian: Nubeeeh (Based on the sound sheep make)


  • Soaring Sheep is a costume that can glide, along with Floaty Flower.
  • Soaring Sheep's original name was "Cloud Sheep," this was changed sometime during development.