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Tackling Bull (タックリングブル, Takkuringuburu) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 7.


"Press (B) to preform a tackle that can break blocks of iron and ice." In-Game Description

Tackling Bull allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to tackle enemies and break ice/iron blocks by pressing the action button.

When Tackling Bull tackles, it turns the player metallic.


Tackling Bull is a bull humanoid. Its fur is mainly orange with brown and dark red appearing on certain areas. Its horns and nails are also dark red. There is white under its mouth and on its hands.


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Name in Other Languages

  • English: Tackling Bull
  • Japanese: タックリングブル - Takkuringuburu - (Tackling Bull)
  • German: Sturer Stier - (Stubborn Bull)
  • Spanish: Destructoro - (Destruction/Destructing Bull) (Combination of "Toro," and "Destrucción")
  • Portuguese: Touro Valente (Valiant Bull)
  • French: Fonçotaure (Possibly "Dark Taurus") (Combination of "Taure," and "Foncé")
  • Italian: Rugbytauro (Rugby Taurus)


  • Tackling Bull's Italian name references the rugby sport.