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The Grim Creeper (テラーリーパー Terā Rīpā?, "Terror Reaper") is a boss in Chapter 8 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to stop Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss info

The Grim Creeper lurks in the depths of the world born from Iben’s heart, embodying her warped emotions. He attacks with sharp sword-like icicles and a freezing chill.


His opening gambit is to summon 2 rotating lines of sharp snowflakes [with gaps in them for dodging] and then tries to bring claws of dark ice upon the player. He will also drop a line of icicles [cross on last hit] upon the player. When enraged, he will bring upon a wave of frost through the Frost Giant aspect of him that will freeze the player. [while still making platforms]

Boss fight

Method 1: Immediately after he lowers his guard, strike his cracked crystal with Hardy Hammer to release his mark, and then strike it.

Method 2: Knock the icicle that didn't break in it's fall into him and then strike his mark.

Method 3: Quickly break out of the icy prison created from his rage attack and then go up and strike his mark using Frost Fairy to ascend to it. [must be brought in and held onto before this] Alternatively you can fire a snowball into it with Frost Giant, as well as use that to avoid getting frozen yourself.


He is composed of Frost Fairy, Frost Giant and Hardy Hammer all used to corrupt Iben Bia's heart.

Costume Concept

  • Frost Fairy: The Grim Creeper's horns. He can also create giant snowflakes that are similar to the ones created by Frost Fairy when using its ability.
  • Frost Giant: The shaggy fur on The Grim Creeper's cloak. Can also freeze the player with her rage attack.
  • Hardy Hammer: The icy bottom of The Grim Creeper.


  • His appearance represents 10% of Wizeman the Wicked, the main villain from NiGHTS into Dreams.
  • Despite his cold-hearted appearance, he simply represents Iben Bia's fear of her love bringing death to those close to her.
  • Despite the fact that Iben Bia is female, the gender for him is male.
  • The Grim Creeper's name is a pun on the word "creeper" and the name "Grim Reaper" with the latter representing that both Iben's parents are dead and the grief it gives her.