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The Hydrac (ドラゴンハイドラント Doragon Haidoranto?, "Dragon Hydrant") is a boss fight in Chapter 11 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Info

The dark form that Eis’ warped feelings have created lurks in the depths of his inner world. Not only can he release great sprays of lava from his torso, but he can also launch heated blocks.


Hydrac Breaths fire and Launch heated Blocks


The Hydrac is composed of Water Blaster, Bulldozer, Ladderman and Flame Blaster all used to corrupt Eis Glover.

The Hydrac has the body of a fire hydrant while its three heads looks like a lot like a dragon's head.

Boss Fight

  • Method 1: Use Water Blaster to clog up his spouts, then strike him in the head.
  • Method 2: Wait until he finishes raining fireballs, then strike the remaining rock to send it flying into him and strike his head.
  • Method 3: During his rage attack, switch to Bulldozer [must be brought in] to shove one of the blocks into his head. [mash the action button to ensure effectivity].

Costume Concept

  • Water Blaster: The body of a Hydrant.
  • Bulldozer: Left and right heads that resembles the hands.
  • Ladderman: He has Dragon Head's Tail and a Body.
  • Flame Blaster: From its dragon-like heads it spews fire just like Flame Blaster.


Names in Other Languages

  • English


  • His name is a pun on hydra, hydrant, and draconic.
  • His hot flames represents the fear that Eis Glover had towards the flames.