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Web Wrangler (ウェブラングラー, U~eburangurā) is one of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. it appears in Chapter 3.


"Allows the wearer to traverse sticky spiderwebs." - In-Game Description

"A costume of an elusive spider. Access those hard to reach places by grabbing onto spider webs and crawling your way up towering heights!" - Official Website Description

Web Wrangler allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) crawl on spider webs to access secret/hard to reach areas and can make the wearer immune to webs including webs shot by Wormsworth.


Web Wrangler is a humanoid spider with purple, light-green and yellow features. Its face, torso, feet and the top part of its arms are colored black. The black tuff/collar on its chest resembles a spider's web. On its face, it has green eyes and purple eyelids.


Name in Other Languages

  • English: Web Wrangler
  • Japanese: ウェブラングラー - U~eburangurā - (Web Wrangler)