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Wonderworld is the main location in the game Balan Wonderworld. The titular character, Balan, invites Emma Cole and Leo Craig to Wonderworld's adventures in twelve different tales.


"'Everyone thinks hearts are individual islands, which is to be expected. The thing about islands, though- deeper down, they're all connected. It's what we call Wonderworld, this most happy land. What some scholars call the 'collective consciousness,' but who knows if any truly understand... Regardless, you cannot get here by car or train; only through my theatre, simple and plain.'" - Balan, II Transformation

According to the novel, Wonderworld could be compared to the collective consciousness. That's the closest anyone has gotten to explaining it in a comprehensible way. The only way to enter Wonderworld is through the Balan Theatre, which only appears to those whose hearts are unbalanced.


  • Isle of Tims

The Isle of Tims is where all the Tims reside at. There are different colored patches of flowers for you to feed the Tims. The Tower o' Tims and Clock of happiness are also here. The Isle of Tims is used as a hub world to enter different Chapters or Lance's boss fight.

  • Chapter 5 Main Article: Here Chapter 5 is based on Sana Hudson's dreams and memories. Its Nega Boss is Cuckoo.

  • Chapter 10 Main Article: Here Chapter 10 is based on Lucy Wong's dreams and memories. Its Nega Boss is Inkabelle.

  • Lance's Boss Fight Gate

A negati-styled gate, entering it sends you to Lance's boss fight.

  • Balan Costume Island

A small floating island only accessible by riding the Ultima Tim, the guide to access it is here.