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Wormsworth (ブリリアントワーム Buririanto Wāmu?, "Brilliant Worm") is the boss of Chapter 3 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Info

Wormsworth lurks in the depths of the world born from Yuri’s heart embodying her warped emotions. She torments the player by flinging praying mantis blades and spider webs at them.


Wormsworth's first attack is to shake down 3 stalactites, pinning them on the arena. Her second attack is to spit out ball-like eggs at the player. Her third attack is to throw one of her sickles down and around the arena [2 if on last hit]. Her rage attack is to drop down and shoot spiderwebs across the arena.

Boss Fight

Trophy 1 - Topple a stalactite by jumping into it or throwing a sickle at it.

Trophy 2 - Strike one of the balls she spits out to launch it back at her.

Trophy 3 - Jump into her as she does her rage attack. Web Wrangler is required to avoid being slowed by the webbing.


Wormsworth is composed of Dusk Butterfly, Sickle Slinger and Web Wrangler. She is the corruption of Yuri's heart.

Wormsworth is a colorful, intimating insect creature based off of numerous bugs/arachnids. She does not have legs, and uses a thin greenish-blue/pink "leg" with light green spots as a part used to attach herself onto ceilings. Her body then goes into a large spider's thorax, with four spider legs and red to orange Negati patterns. Her body then goes into butterfly wings, and with a caterpillar body connecting from the wings/thorax to her head. She wears a web ruff/collar on her neck, and has eyeglasses-like attachments on her head, which each side has one of her multicolored eyes. She also has a large eyelash for each eyes, and a head that, on the top, looks like a flower, with petals and pistils.

Costume Concept

  • Dusk Butterfly: Wormsworth's head and wings.
  • Sickle Slinger: Wormsworth's blade-like arms. She can also launch them at the player similar to Sickle Slayer.
  • Web Wrangler: Wormsworth's web-like collar and spider-like thorax. She can also spit out web like orbs which only Web Wrangler is immune to.

Name in Other Languages

  • English: Wormsworth
  • Japanese: ブリリアントワーム - Buririanto Wāmu - (Brilliant Worm)
  • Simplified Chinese: 鲜艳怪虫 (Vibrant Strange Insect)
  • Traditional Chinese: TBA
  • Korean: 반짝 거미 (Shiny Spider)
  • German: Madarachnid (Mad Arachnid)
  • Spanish (Spain): Doña Raña (Mrs. Spider) ("Raña" Is a shortening of the word "araña," meaning spider)
  • Spanish (Latin America): N/A
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Vermedonho (possibly "Weasel Worm")
  • French: Dana Raignée (Dana Spider)
  • Italian: Ragnatalia (Spider-Natalia) (Combination of the words "Ragno" and the name "Natalia")


Wormsworth's boss theme, Wormsworth (ブリリアントワーム), plays during her boss fight. It is a polka-like song with Egyptian and theatrical elements. An accordion is mainly heard throughout song, along with a clarinet or other wind instrument. A trumpet and violin are also present during the song.

It is Track 31 on CD 1 in BALAN WONDERWORLD Original Soundtrack.


  • Wormsworth's insectoid appearance represents Yuri Brand's love of bugs, while her bizarre and nightmarish appearance is due to Yuri Brand's struggle to fit in, and other's demonization of bugs/her interest in them.
  • Wormsworth bears a resemblance to Queen Bella from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, both being arachnids.
  • Wormsworth's English name is a combination of the word "Worm" and lastnames ending with the word "Worth." Her name is formatted just like names such as "Wadsworth" or "Ellsworth."
    • She shares her name with a character from the video game Afterlife, Jasper Wormsworth.
  • Wormsworth's Japanese name references on how Yuri Brand is "brilliant," or "smart."