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Worville Wright (ライオットプレーン Raiotto Purēn?, "Riot Plane") is a boss in Chapter 4 of Balan Wonderworld created by Lance to prevent Emma Cole and Leo Craig from progressing.

Boss Info

Worville Wright lurks in the depths of the world born from Haoyu’s heart embodying his warped emotions from failing several inventions to fly. He attacks the player by dropping cubes and launching propellers.


His first attack is to fly high above the arena and rain down cubes using the Box Fox aspect of him in an attempt to crush the player. His second attack is to send out several small propellers at the player. His rage attack consists of launching off the covers of the fans below the stage floor and then launching 2 large propellers in an effort to damage the player.

Boss Fight

Method 1: Release the balloons from the box left behind and use Aero Acrobat to reach Worville's nose and stun him, and then strike his mark.

Method 2: Deflect one of the propellers he sends at you to stun him and then strike his mark.

Method 3: Use Soaring Sheep during his rage attack to strike him in his mark.


He is composed of of the following costumes: Aero Acrobat, Soaring Sheep, and Box Fox. He is the corruption of Haoyu's heart.

Worville Wright is a colorful plane monster. He has propellers replacing hands, and smaller, golden ones located on his wings. He wears a aviator hat and goggles. He also has wool on his back and near the bottom of himself. He produces black ash boxes which appear from the bottom.

Costume Representation

  • Aero Acrobat: Worville Wright's head, while his wings are a much modern upgrade to Aero Acrobat's.
  • Soaring Sheep: The wool itself that is on Worville Wright's back and near the bottom.
  • Box Fox: The boxes that Worville Wright jettison from his bottom. He also drops these boxes onto the stage with only one being a present filled with balloons.



  • His appearance represents Haoyu Chang's confidence in flying by modifying bikes into flying machines, but also his frustration in being unable to make a working one.
  • The name Wright comes from the famous duo Wilbur and Orville, or as known as The Wright Brothers who created the first successful airplane in the year 1903. While the name Worville is a pun on the name is a mixture of the two names Wilbur Orville of the same "Wright Brothers".
  • Chapter wise, he is the first boss to have a weakspot.