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X-ray Ape (エックスレイエイプ, Ekkusureieipu) is one out of the eighty unique Costumes found in Balan Wonderworld. It appears in Chapter 10.


"A costume of [a] monkey wearing massive glasses. Wearing this costume will let you see invisible platforms and items hidden in the shadows." - Official Website Description

X-Ray Ape allows the wearer (Leo or Emma) to see invisible platforms and items not visible normally.

Invisible platforms are only found in Chapter 10, including Acts 1-3 and Boss Act.


X-Ray Ape is a reddish-orange anthropomorphic small primate. It wears a floating red construction hat, yellow and red ruff, and tipped shoes. Its eyes are swirly glasses and its midsection and the circles bordering the eyes are dark red. There is also dark red on its body resembling a top.



Name in Other Languages

  • English: X-Ray Ape
  • Japanese: エックスレイエイプ - Ekkusureieipu - (X-Ray Ape)
  • German: Röntgenaffe (X-Ray Monkey)
  • Spanish: Primate perspicaz (Insightful Primate)
  • Portuguese: Mico Raio-X (Mico X-Ray)
  • French: Visiosinge (Vision Monkey, combination of "Vision" and "Singe")
  • Italian: Raggibbone X (X-Ray Gibbon, combination of "Gibbone" and "Raggi X")


  • X-Ray Ape looks more like a small primate, than an ape.
    • X-Ray Ape's Italian name calls it a gibbon.