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Yuri "Bugsy" Brand is one of the twelve Inhabitants of Balan Wonderworld. She is a girl who loves bugs and she is the inhabitant of Chapter 3.


Yuri is a young girl who has always loved insects, arachnids, and other animals frequently regarded as "bugs." However, she is also shy and socially awkward with her passion not being understood by her classmates. Consequently she is ostracized and left feeling lonely and feared, resulting in her corruption into Wormsworth.

After her corrupted state is defeated, she is shown meekly approaching a group of students and demonstrating a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, and the other kids in wonder begin to understand her interest. With this she manages to become friends with other kids who finally understand her and ceases to be an outcast.


Yuri is a young girl of around 13-15 with fair skin, brown eyes, red rimmed glasses, and indigo hair. Underneath her indigo cardigan, she wears a white and magenta striped shirt. She also wears green capris, red-laced purple sneakers, and white and magenta striped socks.


While her personality in game in-game is so far unclear, in the novel she bears a distinct personality.


  • In the novel, her "name" while Wonderworld was under Lance's control was "Bugsy".
  • In the novel, after the events of Wonderworld, she meets Jose Gallard in real life while following the newly released butterflies she had raised from caterpillars.
  • Her costume counterpart is Dusk Butterfly.


  • "Hi, Clocktower Kid. I knew it was you as soon as i smelled the aroma-shroom. Good to see you too, Pensive. And... Uh, yeah. Same." - Yuri's first words in the novel.
  • "The webs aren't for catching anything. Here on my stage, I wanted all the bugs to live together in harmony. That means no one is anyone else's snack." - Yuri, explaining why the webs on her stage aren't sticky.